MEGALOBOX – “The Slum City” Lyrics Translation

It was brought to my attention by a friend that the official stream of Megalobox (GO WATCH THIS SHOW) does not have subtitles for the insert rap song “great track, #01” in episode 2. I whipped this translation up real quick. Feel free to “WELL ACTUALLY” me in the comments. Update (06/10/2019): Surprisingly this article still consistently gets views. In light of this unexpected phenomenon, I cleaned up the lyrics a little bit. I still feel like it could be better, but that would require a better writer than myself.


Lyrics: COMA-CHI
Music: mabauna

We got nothing.
No ID, no name.
No past, no future.
All we have is the present.
Nothing will change in these meaningless slums.
What proof do we have of our own existence here?
We clash with each other.
These are completely different worlds, over those walls and over here.
These boundaries are huge. God is unfair.
Powerless and envious, we’re always at the bottom.
Disposable and without security, we’re worthless slaves.
Surely only death will bring us at ease.
Our sole pleasure is MEGALOBOX.
One clobbers another.
Those pained expressions soothe the heart,
and again the good-for-nothings gather around.



俺たちはそう 持たざるもの
IDもない 名前もない
過去も未来もない 今しかない
何も変わらない 未意味に生きる貧民街
作ってるThese wallsあっちとこっち まるで別世界
境界はデカイ 神様は不公平
俺たちは指くわえ いつもドン底で
使い捨てで保証もない チンケな奴隷
安らげるのは きっと死ぬときだけ
唯一の娯楽は メガロボクス
んで また拾い集めるゴミ族

Find details on how to buy the Megalobox OST here.

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