In Memory of Screenwriter Takeshi Shudo (Shin Bungeiza)

On October 29th 2010 at 4:03 AM (JST), precisely 7 years ago, it was announced that Takeshi Shudo had passed away. He was the screenwriter of franchises such as GoShogun, Minky Momo, and some obscure little thing called Pokémon among others. A remembrance event was held at the Shin Bungeiza movie theater in Ikebukuro on June 25th 2011. This is a translation of a fan's write-up of this event.

In preparation for reading Legend of the Galactic Heroes / 銀英伝を読む準備するため

A couple years back when I was still fairly new to this, I would hear very often that you should read, read, and read some more to really push your Japanese ability further. This is still commonly given advice in Japanese learning circles. I think anyone who's seriously tried to do this has at some point probably faced the frustration of having to look up too many words. Hence what I eventually started to do was pre-learn vocab words contained in things I was interested in, to reduce dictionary look-up burden.

Otakon 2017

Otakon 2017 happened smack dab in the middle of a bunch of non-anime stuff competing for my time (particularly watching the yearly gigantic DotA 2 tournament and playing the new Ace Attorney game that dropped in Japan both of which started about 10 days prior to the convention) so the timing was somewhat inconvenient for me.

Aim for the Ace! / エースをねらえ! (1979) or, Tennis of my Youth!

As much as I enjoy the actual reviews of classic anime, I also greatly enjoy the stories of how people managed to get their hands on some of these mysterious Jah-pur-nees cartoons back in the day. While I have no war stories about getting the last tape at the end of chain of VCRs, I thought it would be a neat exercise to include my own story here as I put down my thoughts on a movie I watched a four days ago: Aim for the Ace! (1979). This is less a review and more just my impressions on the film.